Camping The Fraser Canyon

Camping The Fraser Canyon

Planning a camping trip in British Columbia? The Fraser Canyon has many camping options. We have highlighted our top 3 .

They call it the mighty Fraser. Rich with captivating beauty, part of the Gold Rush Trail. The Fraser canyon runs deep with Canadian history.

Sparkling rivers on a backdrop of postcard perfect mountain scapes. Desert sand the color of golden sugar. Birds of prey float high above the cactus and sage bush. Lush vineyards, white water rafting and the iconic Hells Gate. The Canyon is often overlooked as a travel destination as many chose the Coqahalla Highway to get from B.C ‘s interior to the coast. We are certain you will fall in love with this hidden gem.

Anderson Creek
Train Tressel Anderson Creek

Anderson Creek Evening

Anderson Creek Campground

  • 1. Anderson Creek Campground. Located near Boston Bar B.C. Anderson Creek offers scenic view of the river below. Flush toilets and showers! On a hot day plunk yourself down in the cool water.
Gold Pan Campground

Gold Pan Campground

  • 2.GoldPan Campground . River side camping! Goldpan offers lovely sites on the river for tenting. Relax in the blissful surroundings.
Juniper Beach

Juniper Beach Campground

  • 3. Juniper Beach Campground . One of my favorite places to camp. Juniper Beach is simply beautiful. Explore the river edge, look out for prickly cactus. Star gaze, listen for train whistles at night and be transported to a different time.

Kamloops Lake Lookout
Watch your step!
Sage Bouquet

Have you traveled the canyon? Each time we go we find a new place to explore. A secret lake, a forgotten campsite. My favorite memory is the baby rattlesnake that found us sleeping on the riverbank after a wrong turn. Do you have a favorite camping memory?

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